WordPress SEO & Linkbuilding Services

Part of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is link building. Many are still at lost for the right definition of this practice but it is in general thought hyperlinks that are directed to your own website.
These hyperlinks are usually found in other websites such as directories, blogs and many more.

Link building promotes your website and helps drive more traffic to it. This can also mean more revenue to the ads placed on your website. If you run a successful website, it can mean financial success as well.

Wordpress SEO Link Building

There are different areas that you must focus on when it comes to link building. Here is a list of the areas and things that you should know more about when it comes to link building.

Link Placement

There are different types of links that you can use and currently Google has been placing more value in-content links. Value is equivalent to popularity and this means when your website has more value, it will be more likely in the top page when it comes to search engines. Footer links have lesser value, but it is always wise to keep a good balance to both in-content and footer links.

Nofollow and Dofollow Links

The nofollow link is a tag placed on the URL of the website and it will look like this rel=”nofollow”. If this tag is not placed on the URL, then it is simply dofollow. If you have commented on a blog that uses nofollow, search engines such as Google will not acknowledge the link. This just means that when the site has a higher page rank and you have links that directs to your comments on the site, your site will not have increased page rank or authority.

Many may think that it is better to use dofollow to get more page rank in search engines. Abusing dofollow can do harm to your link profile. It is still best to keep a balance between nofollow and dofollow links.


Branded Links, Anchor Text and Landing Page Distribution

Domain Authority and Domain Trust still have major roles when it comes to ranking algorithm. It is always best to keep a balance in keeping a number of brand based anchor text that points to your website. Building branded links to landing pages can add more value to your website.

Having a wide range of landing pages and using a variety of anchor text on each of them is very important. It provides a good balance to your linkbuilding campaign.

Content Relevancy

Content relevancy plays a major role in page ranking. This proves that it is still best to have quality content for a successful link building.

Sourcing Links

Sourcing links is very important especially once you have strategized a good linkbuilding campaign. You need to find good and suitable websites that you can use to source your links. You can use tools that will help you find these sites or do a manual search query.

Directory Submissions

This is probably the most repetitive task when it comes to linkbuilding, but this is also one of the most important aspect. Any linkbuilding strategy must include directory submission. You have to make sure that you are submitting to the right directories in order to improve your page ranking and domain authority.

Blog and Forum Commenting

Many people see this strategy as a spam or flooding on the internet just to increase their page ranking. However, if used properly, you are sure that you can get great advtanges from this strategy. You can use Google’s blog search to search for new articles that are published. Just locate the articles within your niche and be sure to give comments that are based on the content of the article. You can use this strategy to increase your nofollow links.

Our WordPress SEO & Link Building service allows your blog to be at the top of the Search Engines for your top Keywords. To rank well , you would require a number of  High Quality inbound links that would point directly towards your WordPress Blog.

The popularity of your WordPress website would totally depend upon the number of live high qualitybacklinks that you have. The popular your web site is the more chances you have of being higher in the search engine result pages. These inward links can be from a business directory, press release, article on a web 2.0 website or any other kind of high ranking authority site.

Building links to your WordPress website is very important and an effective way of improving your search engine rankings. There are many ways to get quality links to your WordPress website.

You can do web 2.0 websites, blog commenting, forum profile links, directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking, press release distribution and much more.

Our WordPress SEO Link building packages use white-hat SEO methods to gain high quality back links from various sources that point to your WordPress Blog website.

WordPress SEO Link Building Packages :

 Starter SEO Package

500 Directory Submissions
Top 150 Social Bookmarking Submissions
Press Release Writing and Distribution to 40 Websites
250 Article Submission Service with 2 free Unique Article writing
Timeframe :- 14 DaysPrice : – $ 247


Platinum SEO Package

1000 Directory Submissions
Top 200 Social Bookmarking Submissions
Press Release Writing and Distribution to 80 Websites
500 Article Submission with 5 unique articles
Two Squidoo Lens creation and 100 Social Bookmarking
Timeframe :- 21 DaysPrice :- $427