Why Craigslist Flyer Ads With Graphics Get Better Results

Craigslist is a very popular classified ads website that is used worldwide to search and find various things that range from electronics, employment, houses, services and even relationships. This online community allows you to search and post things that you need. Using craigslist is very simple. You can simply choose your country, city and specific category of search.

Posting an ad on craigslist is free and easy. You can even choose to ad an image to your ad to make it more appealing to the viewers. Once you have posted an ad on craigslist, your ad will be online for one week or more depending on the category. After that, you can easily post the ad again if no one has responded to your ad post.

Adding an image to your craigslist ad is a great idea, since most people enjoying reading text with an image included. If you are thinking of adding an image to your craigslist posts, then here is the list of benefits you can get from doing so.

Attention-Grabber – Well designed images can grab any person’s attention. People would rather read text from an image than to read simple text. If you have a good graphic designer you can create a graphical ad that can visually explain what you want your message convey to your audience. Placing images on your ads is an ideal way to catch the attention of your audience and making them read your ad longer. Hopefully even responding to it.

Adding Visual Information – While you can post a long text on your Craigslist ad you can say a lot more with images. If you are posting an ad about selling your house, adding images of the interior and exterior of your home makes it easier for the viewers to appreciate what you are trying to sell. Providing visual information makes it easy for viewers to visualize your product or service and may cause an impulse in your viewer to call your ad.

Perception Of Quality – By using graphical ads on your craigslist posting most viewers may associate your ad with someone who delivers quality. Compared to other text ads which are boring and don’t paint a great picture of what you are offering, graphical ads can give your viewers the impression you are qualified to provide them with the service or product they are looking for.

Call To Action – Using graphical ads allows you to create call to actions. For example you can place in big bold letters ” Call US Now To Get A Free Estimate “, ” Click On This Image To Visit Our Website”, etc. You can get real creative with how you display your call to actions by using graphical buttons or arrows. Adding call to actions in your graphic ads gives you a chance to see a higher conversion of people who call your ad than if you were to use just plain text.

Here is an example of a graphical craigslist ad that we use that has a call to action and gets a lot of calls:

Testing Different Graphical Ads – Ad posting is a trial and error process. Some viewers may respond differently to colors, titles, pictures, descriptions, etc. To get the best results and most responses from your craigslist ads the best thing to do is to test different graphical ads and change one variable (i.e title, image, call to action, etc). Try placing about 3 different variations of your graphical ad in either the same category, different areas of the city you are targeting and wait for 24 to 48 hours after your ad has gone live. If you get no response they you may need to tweak your images. If you get a response, identify the ad that worked and keep using it only making minor changes to increase your responses.

Always Be Creative And Informative – People viewing your ad want to know more information. Give them enough to respond to your ad, but don’t give too much information. Give them something to be curious about and enough to want to respond. You want responding to your ad to be their only option to know more about your ad post.

Adding graphical images to your craigslist ad can truly increase responses and help you to get calls into your business. If you really want to stand out from the rest of the pack then graphical craigslist ads is the way to go!

If you want to learn how you can create a response getting cragislist graphical ad for your business just contact sam at (877)576-4496 or visit our Custom Craigslist Ad Flyer Design page for more information.