How To Use Guest Blogging To Get More Traffic And Customers To Your Business With Joel Widmer

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 If you have ever thought about using guest blogging as a marketing strategy to drive more website traffic and customers to your website, then you are in for quite a great surprise! Joel Widmer, a digital marketing and social media expert, has spent a lot of time refining the art of guest blogging. As a […]

Use Simple Video Marketing Strategies To Get More Restaurant Foot Traffic!

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In the first “Ask Sam” video series I answer the question of a restaurant owner in Arizona on how to drive traffic from YouTube. Take a look at this video I give some great strategies for driving viewers from your YouTube videos to your website. So what do you think? Good stuff eh? Well, if […]

Small Business Website Case Study: Increasing Traffic & Local Leads

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In the video case study below, I show you how I was able to take this website from 0 to hero in terms of increasing traffic and leads. Now as a result of working with us, our client is seeing a healthy amount of leads which are turning into home remodeling projects for his business. […]

Fitness Bootcamp Marketing: Make Money Using Groupon Or Living Social

I noticed that Fitness Bootcamps are become wise to deal sites like Groupon to market their business. Groupon is a great way for fitness bootcamps to bring in more clients into their programs. I noticed however that most bootcamps are losing money because they are setting up the deals incorrectly. There is a way to […]

Restaurant Marketing: Case Study On Promoting Your Lunch & Dinner Specials

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In this video I demonstrate how you can use coupons via mobile marketing ( sms messaging ) to promote your daily or weekly lunch or dinner specials. If you are interested in doing a similar campaign please contact Sam at (678)656-6408 and we can discuss it further.  

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